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Ageless Woman

a magazine for mature women          holiday 2017


Giving Yourself the Gift of

Becoming Who You Are

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Celebrating Love

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so very mary 

What Warms the Heart:

Hearty Fare From the Old Country

fitness after 40

New You Now (or Not)

off the beaten path

On a Treasure Hunt

for Old Gold

This exquisite painting was featured on the cover of our first issue in November, 2013. The artist is Cat Clausen and the painting is called "Dove Feather." It is from her much-celebrated “Collection of Angels” series. To see more of Cat's breathtaking artwork online, please take a moment and go to:



WE ARE ALIVE AT THE FINEST TIME IN HISTORY: the epoch of the ageless woman. It is time for a magazine that shares our wisdom and tells our stories. It is time for us to be celebrated! It is time for our voices to be heard.

Ageless Woman Magazine is a bimonthly publication for mature women - women in their 40s, 50s, 60s, 70s and beyond - that addresses real issues for real women.


Ageless Woman tackles topics like conceiving children after 40, retirement planning, and changes to Medicare. This is a serious magazine, but it is also a seriously fun   magazine. We talk about eyeliner tattooing, traveling to Bali, and the best shades of lipstick if you decide to be a redhead at 70. We are intelligent, well-read, politically savvy, diverse, creative - and everything else the ageless woman is. 

It is our day. Female baby boomers are beginning to turn 65 and transforming thinking on who can be beautiful. Baby boomer women have been hard at work opening doors in commerce and challenging traditional roles and goals for women.

Our grandmothers dreamed of a day like today. We can wear our hair long or short. We can dress “too young” or wear vintage. We can wear makeup or go au naturel. We can have plastic surgery or...

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This exquisite painting was featured on the cover of our first issue in November, 2013. The artist is Cat Clausen and  the painting "Dove Feather" is from her “Collection of Angels” series. To see more of Cat's artwork online, go to:

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Women over 40 are the fastest-growing market in America and the strongest decision-making demographic. Collectively, we have the power to make (or break) a brand, trend or idea -- and to make the world a better place. Find out where we are...and be there.

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Be there.



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Phillip's studio is in Lexington, Virginia. You can view some of his work in occasional EXHIBITIONS of his work, and in his GALLERY currently featuring Sheila and the Changing World.

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