Sonia's Story (continued)

Sonia's work is influenced by Latin American authors of the fantastic realism genre, dream psychology, the impenetrable complexity of the ocean, and her friends – both human and from the animal and plant kingdoms – all visionaries and teachers. Sonia wants observers of her work to feel empathy for the world around them – to sense its magic and feel a deep connection to it. 

Sonia embraces many forms of photographic expression, including alternative processes and composites. She uses her photographs to magnify what is often overlooked. To her, alternative processes are a form of alchemy in which noble metals transform subject matter. The ritual of mixing chemicals and brushing them onto virgin paper embeds intention for the protection and healing of her wounded and endangered subjects.

Sonia’s photographic composites, which she calls photosynthesis, are created from images she captures while traveling to exotic locations all around the globe. Each image evokes a particular strong feeling which, while disturbing at times, seeks to put the viewer in touch with aspects of the psyche in need of healing or celebration. Most often, her pieces incorporate both land and underwater scenery. While studying an image, Sonia brings in elements that help her convey what she feels. Her composites stay true to each location. Some come together in just a few days while others take several months to assemble.

“While humans are often obsessed with finding scientific explanations for what we see, hear and feel; I focus on intuition and the experience of perception itself. If my work can break people of their conditioned thinking, then it has achieved its purpose.”