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There is one item that looks great and fits every lady I! And heading into the holidays we get to wear a bit more sparkle then usual. That's a good thing. No, it's a great thing!


While all of us love fine jewelry, the trend of late is to mix it up. You can wear a family heirloom and add a piece of costume jewelry without hesitation.


A couple of trends for the season all start with the hue. Jewel tones are perfect for this time of year. The teals, the purples, the dark shades of red. They all set the holiday mood. Tassels are still trending in necklaces and earrings. The bigger the better. Personally, I think it's now the "statement earring" instead of the "statement necklace."


Moving into a more traditional and a lighter approach, try layering lots of delicate necklaces at different lengths. It's a perfect way to identify your own style. A simple layer of a necklace with your initial combined with a longer one with an arrow, heart or triangle can set your personal style. Add a diamond. Add another! It looks beautiful especially when wearing a deep V-neck blouse or dress. It's a different take on stackable rings which are still in vogue.


The key metal this season is Gold. All different tones of gold and textures. Brushed and hammered add to the modern feel. I actually love to mix all metals. I'm obsessed with Rose Gold and I mix my rose gold pieces with gold, white gold, and silver daily.


I love that as we move forward in fashion, there are fewer rules. This enables you to wear what you want to wear - with confidence.


Recently I was privileged to attend the Global Women's Forum at UVA. I was surrounded by strong women from all over the world. As I met different women of different nationalities, of course I was checking out their style, keeping a close eye on what they were wearing, both clothes and jewelry. There wasn't a single trend amongst the women that was obvious.


The one item I did notice a few women were sporting was a charm bracelet. I happen to love charm bracelets and cherish the one my mother gave to me that belonged to her. I'm always fascinated at the stories behind them. The one I have was given to my mother when she left Ireland. All of her coworkers gave her the bracelet full of Irish charms so she would never forget where she came from. I asked each woman I came across wearing one, is it new or old? Everyone said belonged to my mother or grandmother. That answer always came with a smile attached to it. Perhaps this is the year to start one for yourself or someone special in your life.


Which brings us to the message of the season: this season wear something new. Something big. Something layered. Something old. Something that makes you smile.

Happy Holidays and Sparkle. 


Siobhan Gilbride Deeds


Images below courtesy of Hess and Co. Jewelers in Lexington Virginia and my private collection

Everyone's a star and deserves the right to twinkle.

                                   - Marilyn Monroe

 'tis the season to sparkle

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