A Community of Real Women

 We are a true community of women in the mountains and valleys of central and southwest Virginia. We connect on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram. We gather together five times a year throughout the region at Ageless Woman Expos in and around cities like Roanoke, Blacksburg, Harrisonburg, Lexington and Lynchburg. We are local. Our editors and the women featured in our stories are your next door neighbors.

Mary Rapoport
Food Editor
Siobhan Deeds
Fashion Editor
Montrose Grandberry
Helping Hands Editor
Suzanne O'Neil
Contributing Editor
Tali Segura
Tanya Dalton
Contributing Writer
Rowen Miller
Photography/Graphic Design
Robyn Goodpasture
Fitness Editor
Donna Gail Broussard
Publisher and Editor
Show More
Diana Davis and Brittany Schrepf
Cosmetologists and Salon Owners

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